Our Origins

Since it’s founding in 1948, Schmalenbach has been crafting wardrobes that seamlessley fit into creative living spaces. The brand is synonymous with innovation, design and production excellence.


A tradition of excellence

For more than seven decades, we are committed to create unique, luxuriant furniture, tailored to meet the needs and aspirations of our customers. Our products are finely customised, every component can be adjusted to fit into an individual space. While much has changed over the years, our values, craftsmanship, and desire to perfect the custom experience continues to date.

heritage & legacy

Behind the brand

As Schmalenbach, our goal is to combine traditional craftsmanship and advanced machinery to create the perfect solution for our customers. Our team of experts ensure every single aspect of the design is incorporated in the final product.

Our journey

Founders begin with a furniture shop in 1940s

Our journey

Third generation takes over in 1990s

Our journey

Schmalenbach Design GmbH is founded as an additional business

Our journey

New premises for factory, showroom and offices

Our journey

First time participant at IMM cologne international furniture show

Our journey

Begins distribution in the USA in partnership with Eggersmann USA

Our journey

Premier participation at Salone Del Mobili Milano

Our journey

UAE distribution in partnership with Al Gurg Living



From gathering wood from the forest, to sourcing the best sustainable material to create our furniture, it has been a long fulfilling journey. All our wood furniture is built with German hardwoods like cherry, walnut, maple, oak, and ash. These woods come from trees that grow natively in our local forests. Each piece in the Schmalenbach collection is made by a skilled team of mastercraftsmen, many of whom have grown and evolved with the brand for decades.


From designing products that approach furniture with a new perspective, to championing the integrity of craft and material; our approach focuses on quality, intuition, and ease of use. We believe functionality and sophistication can be succesfully integrated. It is about blending craftsmanship with innovative technology and exterior-friendly finishes.


We use recycled wood to create exceptional products, instead of real wood to ensure eco friendly manufacturing standards. Recycled wood eliminates unnecessary waste and reduces the burden on forests.

Another positive is energy savings, as it also helps minimize emissions. One sustainable practice is the utilization of reclaimed wood from felled trees and ethically sourced wood which does not contribute to deforestation.

We also return engineered wood waste back to the producers, so it is efectively recycled. Wood waste that cannot be recycled is used our internal heating eliminating the need for natural gas or oil.


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Since 1948, Schmalenbach’s wardrobes represent excellence, beauty, and durability. We ensure that our craftmanship is aesthetic, that each product fulfills what it was designed for and every detail that went into creating it, was carefully attended.